VPDC General FAQs

Virtual Private Data Center is configured as a highly available solution with redundancy throughout so that your virtual machines can be available all the time. It is a custom, virtualized, multi-tenant environment with shared physical resources hosted in phoenixNAP’s managed colocation space on phoenixNAP supplied and maintained infrastructure. VPDC contains all the features of a large enterprise computing environment with highly qualified engineers and round-the-clock support. Together with flexible contract terms, VPDC gives you total command over your high performance compute, storage, and networking resources. VPDC is designed to have the ability to rapidly extend current computing resources without high costs. In a nutshell, Virtual Private Data Center is:

  • Scalable:additional resources can be added in a matter of hours.
  • Redundant: all levels including servers, storage and connectivity are completely redundant with connectivity provided by multiple diverse carriers.
  • Affordable: since VPDC is multi-tenant environment and resources are shared among the clients, the cost is significantly lower than going for a private solution.

From the moment of signing the contract, a majority of standard VPDC deployments will be ready in under a week. If your VPDC package includes dedicated hardware, it may take a bit longer before VPDC is ready for use.

You can use your Virtual Private Data Center for anything your business requires as long as it is within the law and our Acceptable Use Policy. We give you the unrestricted Administrator level access and you can run practically any application or service that you can run from a traditional, physical machine.

VPDC is perfect for:

  • Development and testing environments
  • Production website hosting
  • Primary application hosting
  • Disaster recovery configurations
  • Demanding ERP systems
  • Hosting Virtual Desktops

PhoenixNAP data centers are located across the United States and Europe. You can have your virtual environment deployed in these locations:

  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Ashburn, VA
  • Amsterdam, Europe

PhoenixNAP offers managed migration services between providers based around standing up DRaaS with Zerto and Veeam with a failover into a cloud environment. In order to be able to perform the migration service, phoenixNAP needs to have administrative access to VMware’s software. If you are coming from an environment where phoenixNAP does not have direct administrative access, migration will not be possible.

PhoenixNAP offers Backup and Recovery Services which you can add to your VPDC and allow for easy and cost-effective backup or replication of your virtual machines. You can choose between the Cloud Backup Standard and Cloud Backup Advanced solution. Some of the included features are:

  • Remote backup
  • Local only backup
  • Replication to another location
  • Full OS file and folder backup and OS restoration for your VMs
  • All common Windows and Linux OS support

To learn more about Cloud Backup Standard and Cloud Backup Advanced click here.

PhoenixNAP VPDC, in combination with our Disaster Recovery as a Service and Cloud Backup products, provides a cost effective and OpEx friendly Disaster Recovery site for your production environment. With this solution you will get on-demand failover testing and fast recovery for an entire virtualization environment with the possibility of replication to multiple sites at once.

Yes, our VPDC customers can use the PhoenixNAP DRaaS solution to provide cloud disaster recovery services to a VPDC infrastructure at a different PhoenixNAP location. The existing VPDC architecture will support the additional functionality based on the installation of Zerto.

The provision of this service happens quickly after we determine the specific configuration you want. You can also choose if your internal IT staff will perform the installation and configuration or if it will be done by phoenixNAP Cloud Engineers. Once the deployment is completed, the time to complete a full backup starts from a few hours but the actual time of completion depends on the data size.

PhoneixNAP utilizes software that has the technical capability of providing the Recovery Point Objective measured in seconds with just a fraction of the cost of implementing a physical data recovery site. In realistic conditions the RPO may come closer to ten minutes and should not exceed 1 (one) hour as defined in our SLA. You can even integrate your own hardware and software to meet the specific RPO and RTO requirements.

PhoenixNAP leverages the power of vCloud Director by VMware which provides an easy-to-use web interface for setting up simple or complex environments. It features point and click access to provision any type of resource accompanied by the granular role based access control to keep the IT resources managed. The clients will have the access to the full physical resource pool that they contracted. Please refer to the VMware website for more information.

Since the release of the PNCP 3.2 version, VPDC clients are able to modify their resources and resource usage thresholds directly from the Client Portal.

To modify Virtual Data Center resources:

  1. Sign in to the Client Portal.
  2. Open the Manage mega menu.
  3. Click Virtual Data Centers under the Virtual Private Data Center heading.
  4. Find the desired data center and click Modify Resources on the right side of the screen.
  5. Change the desired values for Processor, Memory and/or Storage.
  6. Click Update.

For more information on VPDC fields within the Client Portal, click here.

The main difference between VPDC and Public Cloud solution is VPDC’s highly customizable nature with the aid of VMware’s vCloud Director interface. This ranges from networking customizations, such as connecting to multiple private networks or other internet carriers, to hardware customizations, such as dedicated host servers for business and technical needs. The use of some dedicated and some shared hardware allows VPDC to be more flexible than Public Cloud at a much lower price point than a private solution.

With the standard VPDC product the physical infrastructure is still fully shared with other phoenixNAP VPDC customers. However, the lower customer count per VPDC deployment, when compared to Public Cloud, results in improved performance.

While we will provide support wherever we can, it is expected that the clients will handle most of the management of their VMs and virtual networks. We can provide education how to accomplish these tasks both via support and VMware documentation, but ultimately, it will be the client’s responsibility to manage their virtual machines within vCloud Director.

Yes, phoenixNAP can provide a demo account for you so you can test the features of our Virtual Private Data Center before committing.


The Demo accounts will need to undergo certain reconfiguration before they are moved directly to production. Hence, clients using these demo accounts should not run production workloads before the contract is signed.

Virtual Private Data Center is a highly scalable product which supports both small and large deployments. Depending on the resource pool you have contracted, you can have VPDC with just a couple of virtual machines deployed, all the way to hundreds of them. If your demands outgrow your current computing resources, submit a ticket to have more resources added to your VPDC.

Once your needs outgrow your current computing resources, we can add more resources in a matter of hours, provided that you do not require dedicated hardware. If you decide to have dedicated hardware for you VPDC, it may take a few days until we complete the installation and bring the hardware online. Please contact us for detailed information.

Yes, phoenixNAP VPDC is a cost effective solution for your hosted VDI environment without any impact on performance. VPDC is optimized for next generation desktop infrastructure with support for Citrix® XenDesktop™ and Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH). By utilizing the SSD Accelerated Storage we insure that high IOP demands can be handled easily. VPDC for hosted VDI allows you to adopt cloud services in a matter of hours and to move your applications without changes.

Our VPDC is built to meet the demands of enterprise clients at a fraction of the cost of building your own computing environment. With the ability to add dedicated hardware and by leveraging VMware’s software, you will be able to perform the most demanding tasks and operations. MySQL and SQL Databases will benefit from our SSD Accelerated storage and we can also provide all Enterprise Microsoft Software.

The VMware documentation is linked within the web interface of the vCloud Director. You can also refer to their Documentation Center for any vCloud Director related question.
PhoenixNAP can provide further assistance, if needed, to answer any specific questions that can come up as a result.