Managed Backup for Microsoft Office 365


PhoenixNAP’s Managed Backup for Microsoft Office 365 offering allows you to back up your Microsoft Exchange data and store it on our cloud repositories. Our NOC engineers will manage the backups for you so you can focus on your business. Your data will be available 24/7 with retention policy customized to your needs. You can restore deleted emails or whole mailboxes without any limitations. Since this is a fully managed solution, simply contact our support team to have any backup or restore operation executed.

Managed Backup for Microsoft Office 365 powered by Veeam is completely independent of Microsoft’s infrastructure. Even in the case of a major outage on Microsoft’s part, you would still have all your emails and be able to view them within the Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange. You can recover items from any point in time using the interface with a traditional mailbox look.

Why Do I Need Managed Backup for Microsoft Office 365?

There is a widespread misunderstanding from the users’ perspective that office 365 provides a full backup solution, which is not the case. While Microsoft keeps your data for a certain amount of time, you can find yourself in a situation that your emails are gone for good. If you need an email that you deleted a year ago, or you may want to access a mailbox from a deleted account, that will not be possible without this backup solution.

There are a plenty of use cases where Managed Backup for Microsoft Office 365 can save your business from a major disaster.

  • Malicious attacks and other threats. Different viruses, malware or ransomware can infect your organization. This can cause irreparable damage to your Office 365 data if you do not have a valid backup outside Microsoft. The situation gets worse when an account with root access is compromised. In this case, only a full backup can restore your organization’s operation to the original state.
  • Insider concerns. It is not uncommon that ex-employees keep access for some time after they leave a company. Then, they can log in, permanently delete all emails and thus cause a substantial damage to your organization. With backups safely stored on our cloud repositories, you can always find the emails you need.
  • Unintentional actions and email deletion. Accidental deletion of emails or whole folders is virtually unavoidable in any organization. The situation is even more serious when someone moves items around by mistake and you can no longer determine what has been deleted and where the emails belong. Using a simple Veeam interface, you can restore your mailbox to the desired point in time.