MPC Hardware and Network FAQs

We use SuperMicro servers powered by latest Intel Xeon E5 processors for fast and reliable virtualized MPC environment.
Managed Private Cloud can be tailored to suit your processing requirements. PhoenixNAP always offers state of the art technology that can keep up with your demands.

In order to determine the computing resources your business will need, contact our Sales Team.

Yes, you can have a physical firewall protecting your Managed Private Cloud. PhoenixNAP has partnership with leading hardware providers and offers Dell SonicWall and Cisco firewalls.

Firewalls are provisioned on-demand without any service interruption and will ensure maximum uptime. Dell firewalls are fully managed through the Dell portal and clients can quickly and easily configure options to their specific requirements such as VPN, load balancing and port routing.

PhoenixNAP employs carrier grade Brocade® 10 Gbps Ethernet switches connected to Brocade® MLX and XMR routers to ensure high network availability and performance at all times. We provide low latency 10 Gbps redundant connectivity to each host and allow you to connect over any type of private or public network.

Our network is managed by certified onsite technicians inside our Network Operations Center and delivers persistent speeds for your entire traffic flow and associated applications.

Yes. In addition to our carrier grade Brocade® routers and switches, you can deploy any 3rd party networking gear you choose to accompany the existing setup.

PhoenixNAP guarantees 100 percent network uptime with you MPC package with 20-minute support ticket response if you encounter any issues. You can rely on us to keep your services online 100% of the time. With our Enterprise quality network equipment, completely redundant design, enterprise network security, and 24x7 monitoring, you get the stable and uninterrupted service all the time.

Yes, our equipment has 1 Gbps ports available if you need to connect legacy devices.

Clients using Managed Private Cloud with dedicated hosts have administrative access to their virtualized environment and guaranteed vCPU reservation. It is entirely up to you how you organize and set up your environment, all computing resources are at your disposal.

We offer multiple high speed 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps connectivity options, and you can choose to work with us and one of our carrier partners to establish a direct, private L2 connection to your MPC. There are multiple connection options available:

  • Metro Ethernet
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • VPN
  • Fiber Transport

Yes, we allow the cross-connection to any other phoenixNAP service to achieve the infrastructure flexibility. We allow the interconnection between the data centers so you can utilize your resources the way you intended to. This way we allow all phoenixNAP services to work together so you can share the resources and distribute workloads.

Our Managed Private Cloud is housed on multiple servers and there is no single point of failure. If one node fails, the virtual machines will be moved to a stable node. There will be minimum service disruption for the duration of the boot up process. Additionally, depending on the services you have bundled with your MPC, data can either replicated to the secondary site for quick recovery in the event of failure or to offsite MPC or VPDC services.

Available load balancing strategies for Managed Private Cloud are:

  • Round Robin
  • IP hash
  • Least connections
  • URI (HTTP only).

MPC includes VMware vShield Edge for load balancer capabilities.

VMware’s NSX network virtualization supports adding of X-forwarded-For or other headers. We need to be informed of this upfront to be able to configure it for you since the action itself is not active by default.