How to completely disconnect a Terminal Services session?

The Terminal Server Remote Administration Service only allows two simultaneous remote connections. To correctly closing your connection, choose Logoff (username) from the Start menu.Additionally, you can disconnect using the Terminal Services Manager:

  • From Programs, select Administrative Tools
  • From the Administrative Tools list, select the Terminal Services Manager
  • In the right area of the Terminal Services Manager window, there is a list of connected users. Choose one (there may be two) from the green RDP-TCP users. Right-click on the green head. From the menu that pops up, choose logoff. The console user (white) will always be there.

IMPORTANT: Ensure when you log out of a connection to close it correctly. Otherwise, it remains open and impedes your ability to log in to the server next time. Remember that clicking the X in the upper right hand area of the Terminal Server client ends the program, but does not completely close the connection.