General Information on Managed Services FAQs

Managed Services is an all-round support system which can be layered on top of phoenixNAP’s core infrastructure solutions. We will meet your every need for Proactive Monitoring, Operational Management, Patch Management, Domain Name Services & SSL Certificate Management, among others. Focus on your own business, while leveraging the technical expertise of our NOC engineers to optimize and administer your infrastructure devices.

Unlike other outsourcing options, with Managed Services you decide what will be taken care of and what you want to handle by yourself.

It’s simple, if you are an existing customer of phoenixNAP you can pick what services you wish us to handle and what you want to handle by yourself. We are here to complement your IT department.

A survey conducted by ‘’CA Technologies’’ shows small businesses lost an average of $55,000 in revenue due to IT failures. Medium sized companies lose an average of $91,000 annually, and large companies lose more than $1 million in revenue annually. If your business is losing precious time and money due to network interruptions , you should consider signing up for Managed Services .

Managed Services is a necessity for those who struggle to cope with service demands. As infrastructure evolves, managing can be become increasingly complex and may require around the clock monitoring. If this is beyond your IT capabilities, you definitely need someone to complement your IT department.

There are numerous benefits to having Managed Services. First of all, clients reap the benefits of lower operating costs and are easily able to predict costs in periods well over a year. The complexity of delivering IT services is reduced and all you have to do is manage the function, not the task. This enhances your internal IT efficiency, giving you the opportunity to focus on core business.

Additionally, Managed Services offers monitoring which grants you in-depth system information, while adopting new technologies and deploying new devices is conducted rapidly.

Wome examples of managed services:

  • Setup and configuration of: Servers, Firewalls, and Switches.
  • Monitoring services: Fault Management, Server Metrics (CPU, RAM, HDD, System Load, ICMP Check), Switches, Firewalls, and Application Health.
  • Operational management: Servers (Hardware Upgrades, Repair/Replacement), Firewalls, Switches, Patch Management, Domain Name Services, SSL Certificates, Backup And Recovery, Migration Services, and Remote Hands Support.