Dedicated Firewall

The Dedicated Firewall screen allows you to manage your dedicated firewall devices. It is actually the Device Listing screen with the Dedicated Firewall filter being pre-selected.

To reach the Dedicated Firewall page:

  1. Sign in to the Client Portal.
  2. Open the Manage mega menu.
  3. Click on Dedicated Firewall under the Bare Metal heading.


You can change the view by clicking on the Display icon.
Display Type


You may filter out your Dedicated Firewall Devices by Node. Choose one of your nodes to view the Dedicated Firewall Devices assigned to it.

Available Actions

Many of these functions are accessed by right-clicking on a Device. Alternately, there may be buttons or links, such as the Available Actions button, that will take you to some of these functions from the Device Listing screen as well.

  • Add/Modify Tag(s). Create new or search existing tags.
  • Assign to. You can assign a BM Firewall to a specific customer.
  • Manage Dedicated Firewall. This will take you to the Manage My Device screen where you can see more in-depth information about the Dedicated Firewall:

    • Device Name. You can change Device Name by clicking Edit. Enter a new name in the field and click Save.
    • Description. You can change the Description by clicking Edit. Enter a description in the field and click Save.
    • Location. The node to which the dedicated firewall is assigned to.
    • Assigned IP Addresses
    • Login Information
    • Service Plan
    • Tags
    • Bandwidth Usage. Choose a time period (Hour, Day, Week, Month, Last Month, Year, Last Year, or create a Custom time period) and click Update.