You can use the Console button to access your Device in order to perform administrative tasks, install software, and perform other functions. It is a particularly useful tool if your server appears unresponsive.

You must have pop-ups allowed for the admin domain in order to access the Console.

To access the Console:

  1. Sign in to the Client Portal.
  2. Open the Manage mega menu.
  3. Click Device Listing under the Combined Functions heading.
  4. Select a device and right-click on it.
  5. In the drop-down menu click Console. The Console will load in a new window or tab.

At this point, after a brief wait, you will log in to your virtual machine or bare metal server using the username Administrator for Windows VMs and the username root for Linux VMs. Once you've logged in, you may perform functions on the computer just like you would if you were sitting at the terminal.

Should you choose, you may also log in to your Virtual Machine via RDP for Windows machines or SSH for Linux machines. Use the Public IP assigned to your Device to access the server in this fashion.

 RDP or SSH Access

If you intend to use RDP or SSH to access your Device, you will need to configure your Firewall to allow access to Ports 22 (SSH) or 3389 (RDP).