View/Modify IP

This action is available ONLY for Non-Reserved IPs. To view or modify an IP:

  • Click Actions in the Non-Reserved IP's row that you wish to view/modify.
  • Click View/Modify IP. The IP Mapping window opens. Here you may view/modify:
      • Public Pool
      • My Reserved Pool
      • Public IPs. Filter your view by typing an IP in the Filter field.
  • Drag/Drop IPs between Pools. You may add IPs from the Public Pool section or the My Reserved Pool section to the Public IPs by first clicking on Add Public IP then dragging the New IP icon (with the blue hash marks in the lower right corner, click the hash marks to drag the item) to the Drag/Drop any IP here area.

Note: You may NOT add a Reserved IP to your Public Pool while modifying your VM, and vice versa. Use the IP Management Screen to add/remove IPs to/from the Reserved Pool.

  • In the Private IPs column, click Edit and type the Private IP Address you wish the public IPs to map to.
  • You may additionally select a number of IPs to bring over from the Public Pool by selecting the number in the drop-down menu, then click Add.
  • You may also type in a reserved IP in the Type Reserved IP field, and add it by clicking Move.
  • Create a new mapping by clicking the Add New Mapping button.

Always click Save to save your changes.

Any changes to these mappings will be submitted to the queue and can be viewed on the Provisioning Tasks screen.

 IP Mapping

IP Mapping will, of course, have an effect on Firewall and Load Balancing rules that have been set up.

  • Firewall rules will automatically begin tracking new Private IPs for the destination VM in any previously set up rules for the VM.
  • Load Balancers allow you to select a VM or a Public IP for load balancing needs.