VM Image Library

The Image Library screen provides a listing of your existing images and allows you to perform Image-related tasks such as:

Images are created from the Deploy New VM screen.

Access Image Library

To access the Image Library:

  1. Sign in to the Client Portal.
  2. Open the Manage mega menu.
  3. Click on VM Image Library under the Public Cloud section.

When populated, the Image Library looks like this:    Image Library

The above mentioned tasks are initiated by clicking on one of the buttons at the bottom of the screen, but the list itself provides the following functions:

  • Filter by Node. Select a node from the drop-down menu to view only the images that reside on a particular node.
  • Sort. Click the up/down arrows at the top right of the column to sort by that column; click once for alphabetical, twice for reverse-alphabetical.
  • Info. Click the blue question mark icon in the Info column to see and edit details about an image:

    Info Image Library

Note: You may change the Name of the Image or update the Description. OS Type and Version cannot be changed.

Be sure to click Update when you're done to save your changes.