VM Configurations

A VM Configuration is basically data about a VM setup that you have saved for future use. Configurations make it easy to create VMs with the same configurations as other VMs in your organization and make it easy to create new VMs on the fly.

 Stored Configurations

There is no charge for stored configurations. A configuration simply stores the settings for a VM, it does not take up any storage space.

To access the VM Configurations List:

  1. Sign in to the Client Portal.
  2. Open the Manage mega menu.
  3. Choose VM Configurations under the Public Cloud heading.
    You are provided with a list of configurations you have previously saved, if any. Configurations are created during both the Deploy a New VM process, and on this screen by using the Create New icon at the top-left of the screen.
  4. Click the name of a Configuration in the list to view details about it.

VM Configurations

The following functions can be performed from this screen: