Upgrading to Zerto Virtual Replication 5.0

Before You Start

Before upgrading to a new version, either by installing the new version over the existing version or by uninstalling the existing version and then installing the new version, Zerto recommends doing the following:

  • Clear the Microsoft Internet Explorer cache of temporary Internet files. Not clearing the cache of temporary files can result in problems when accessing the Zerto Virtual Manager.
  • Make sure that all VPGs are in the state Protecting, and not in a sync state, such as Delta Sync, or in an error state, such as Needs Configuration.
  • Complete any recovery operation before starting the upgrade.
  • Stop the Zerto Virtual Manager service.
  • Create a backup of the VM where the Zerto Virtual Manager runs, which you will use if the upgrade fails. Zerto recommends taking a snapshot of the machine after stopping the Zerto Virtual Manager service.


The snapshot should only be used to rollback to the pre-upgrade state immediately after the upgrade has completed. The snapshot should not be used after the protection of virtual machines has restarted.

Upgrading the ZVM

The existing Virtual Replication Appliances and protected virtual machines, along with all other information, such as checkpoints, journals, sites, and pairing details, are retained and are available in the upgraded installation.

The upgrade is performed without disrupting the protection, but no new checkpoints are written to the journal during the actual upgrade. This temporarily causes alerts to be issued, even if only a single site was affected, stating that the journal history and RPO do not meet their specified target settings.


VRAs from the existing version are not automatically upgraded when upgrading Zerto Virtual Replication.

Performing the ZVM Upgrade

In order to upgrade the ZVM to the latest version, please complete these steps:

  1. Download the new Installer to your ZVM using the link provided in the email.
  2. Run the Zerto Virtual Replication installation executable.
    The Zerto Replication Installation Wizard is displayed. It will say “Upgrade Zerto Virtual Replication” at the top.

    ZVM Installer Preparing for an Upgrade
    ZVM Installer Preparing for an Upgrade

  3. Click Next.
  4. Read and accept the License Agreement and click Next again.

    Zerto End User License Agreement
    Zerto End User License Agreement

  5. Leave the Enable Online Services and Zerto Mobile Application box checked and click Next.
  6. The installer will perform a few validation checks. Once the checks are completed, click Run

    ZVM Installer Validation Checks
    ZVM Installer Validation Checks

The upgrade proceeds automatically from here.


If the vSphere Client console was open during the upgrade, close it and reopen it.

Upgrading the VRAs

Upgrading the VRAs is an important part of the upgrade process. VRAs from the existing version are not automatically upgraded when upgrading Zerto Virtual Replication. VRAs installed with the previous version of Zerto Virtual Replication can work with the current version of Zerto Virtual Replication. However, this is not recommended.

Not all newer versions of Zerto Virtual Replication require upgrading VRAs. Upgrading major releases, such as from 4.5 to 5.0, will require a VRA upgrade. If your VRA is outdated relative to your current version of Zerto Virtual Replication and an upgrade is available, the VRA version reported on the Setup tab of your ZVM will display as outdated. In addition, an alert is issued on the site using the old VRA and on any site that is paired with it.


You can move the mouse over the outdated value to display the VRA version as a tooltip.

ZVM Setup Tab

Performing the VRA upgrade

You do not need to relocate any VMs while the upgrade procedure is taking place. Upgrading a VRA that manages the recovery of virtual machines results in a bitmap sync being performed after the upgrade. Note that the time to upgrade a VRA is short so the bitmap sync should also be quick.

  1. Navigate to your ZVM Console using your ZVM IP.
  2. Click the SETUP tab.
  3. Check the box to the left of the VRA that needs to be upgraded. If you wish, you may check the box next to all of the VRAs that need to be upgraded. Zerto will process them each one at a time.
  4. Click MORE in the top right-hand corner and then click Upgrade.

    Upgrade VRA menu
    Upgrade VRA menu

  5. An Upgrade VRAs window will appear. Click Upgrade Selected VRAs.
  6. An additional Upgrade VRAs dialog box will appear. Click OK.

At the bottom of the ZVM console you should see 1 RUNNING TASK Upgrading VRA with a progress bar. You can monitor the progress of the upgrades from here.

If you select all of you VRAs, they are upgraded one at a time. A new task will be created for each VRA.

If you are doing them individually, wait until the menu reads NO RUNNING TASKS before moving on to the next VRA.

Upgrading VRA Running Task
Upgrading VRA Running Task

Once the VRA is upgraded, the version will be displayed as Latest.

Upgraded VRA


If you require any assistance with the upgrade process, support staff are available 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year.