Support Tickets

To check the status of your Submitted Tickets:

  1. Sign in to the Client Portal.
  2. Open the My Account mega menu.
  3. Click Support Tickets.

Alternatively, you can view your submitted tickets on the Client Portal landing page, or by clicking All Tickets in the Support drop-down menu.


Filter out tickets in the View drop-down menu:

  • Open/On Hold Tickets
  • Closed Tickets
  • All Tickets

Search for a Ticket

To search for a specific ticket:

  • Go to the Support Tickets page.
  • Click on the Search for a Ticket link.
  • In the first drop-down menu choose Ticket Type:
    • Open/On Hold Tickets
    • Open Tickets
    • On Hold Tickets
    • Closed Tickets
    • All Tickets
  • In the second drop-down menu, choose a specifier.
    • Any Field
    • Ticket ID
    • Subject
    • Author
    • Body
  • Provide specifier detail (e.g. If you chose Ticket ID in the second drop-down menu, enter the ID of a ticket you are searching for).
  • Click Search.

Support Tickets

Ticket List

A list is displayed with vital information about the ticket.

  • Ticket #
  • Subject
  • Author. The user who submitted the ticket.
  • Opened. Time and date when the ticket was opened.
  • Updated. Here you can check for any ticket status updates.
  • Priority
  • Assigned. The name of the person assigned to process your request.
  • Department. The department which will deal with the ticket.
  • Type. Open, On Hold, or Closed.

Click the Ticket # or Subject link to view the ticket in greater details. Once you have reached this point, you may click on any of the hotlinks available, such as:

  • Post a Followup. Do this if you have more information about the problem that Support may have need of.
  • Reply/Reply & Quote. Do this to post a reply to comments or messages associated with the ticket.
  • Reload Ticket. Use this option to refresh the ticket and view more current data.
  • Ticket Event Log. This option will show you a detailed list of every event associated with the ticket.

Submit Ticket

You can also submit a ticket from this screen by clicking on the Submit Ticket button.

Submit Ticket

Other ways to submit a support request are shown here