Managed Services Sign-Up FAQs

You can sign up for the Basic or Advanced package at the time of purchase for bare metal servers at phoenixNAP, or you may contact the online Sales Team. If you want to opt for the Custom package, you may consult your business solutions executive.

Setup will vary based on type and number of devices being deployed, but everything is fairly quickly implemented as long as you provide all the required information.

Bare metal customers can select from two packages, Basic and Advanced, and they sign on a contractual, or month-to-month service.

Custom (Business Solutions) clients sign on a contractual service only.

We plan to expand the scope of services as the product matures. However, in order to deliver the best possible customer experience, our offer supports a focused product set based around phoenixNAP’s bare metal, colocation, hardware and servers, virtual private data center and manage private cloud customers.

Support is not available to customers of phoenixNAP Public Cloud, for firewalls and switches not provided by phoenixNAP, or for issues with hardware not provided by phoenixNAP.

You will need to provide all the relevant device information. After providing the required information:

  1. PhoenixNAP will assess the current state of the Managed Devices’ configurations, if applicable.
  2. Setup and configure the monitoring agent.
  3. Configure and deploy the patching agent to the appropriate managed devices.
  4. Implement device configuration changes as required.
  5. Configure phoenixNAP management tools with your site and Managed Device information.
  6. Establish notification contact information.

You will receive a welcome email which includes a link to the Managed Services setup form. Once the form is completed, and the ‘’Register all devices now’’ is pressed, the form is encrypted via openssl and a ticket is submitted to the NOC queue for processing.

Clients are responsible for providing all necessary credentials for accessing and managing their environments, as well as approving recommended upgrades and device configurations.