Send Process

The following steps must be completed when sending an HTTP request to the API:

1. Build the String-to-sign. Create the string-to-sign for the desired operation by concatenating the HTTP verb, the Resource URL, and the Application Key.


String-to-sign = PUT /virtualmachine/55?powerState=off 12424d8fa15afb4

2. Use SHA-256 to generate the Request Signature. Hash the String-to-sign using your Shared Secret as the HMAC Key. (Query parameters should be sorted in alphabetical order and the Request Signature should be encoded to Base 64.)


Signature = Base64 (SHA-256(String-to-Sign,sharedsecret))

3. Encode Credentials. Construct a string ApplicationKey + “:” + RequestSignature and encode it to Base 64.


Encoded Credentials = Base64 (12424d8fa15afb4:EM7a8FN4N4gJDUsVemAKcNt+e1QDmFJK92E=)

4.Add an HTTP Authorization Header. Add an Authorization Header with “PNCP ” + encodedString as the value.


Authorization=PNCP zWM8XSTNHzzRFTVz64oBpYHVfeAgvZN/jBw=

5. Send the request.