Reports are provided to allow you to view a summary of actions, usage, and allocations in an easily searchable format. The following reports are available to you in the Client Portal:

  • Action Log. The Action Log displays a list of actions performed by users, such as creating VMs or adding a new user. The list is customizeable by date-range and can be filtered using a variety of options.
  • Allocation. The Allocation Report displays the allocated hardware as well as the percent of your allocations currently in use.
  • Billing. The Billing Report provides you with a summary of your bill; how many consumable (VCPUs, Operating Systems, Backups, IP addresses, and other items you are billed for using) items you used during the billing cycle and itemizes the costs for those consumables.
  • Usage. The Usage Report displays what is currently in use by each VM, including RAM, VCPUs, OS, Backup, and the number of IPs.

Working With Reports


The reports are sorted by Date/Time Stamp and arranged in ascending order, oldest first. At this time there is no way to further sort the columns within the report, but you may export the report and manipulate the data in a 3rd party program.


Most reports can be exported so you may access them later. After running a report, simply click the Export Report icon at the top-right of the report, then follow the prompts to save an Excel file or a CSV file to your computer.