Remote Access

Placing a firewall in a Remote Access Only state prevents all traffic except access to port 22 (SSH) and port 3389 (RDP). Access from the Console is, of course, still enabled.

To place the firewall in Remote Access Only mode:

  1. Sign in to the Client Portal.
  2. Open the Manage mega menu.
  3. Click Virtual Firewalls under the Public Cloud heading.
  4. Open the Firewall Status drop-down menu and choose Remote Access. Remote Access
  5. Click Confirm to confirm your choice to put the firewall in Remote Access mode.
  6. Click Apply Changes at the top of the Firewall Rules list to commit the changes.

Turn Remote Access Off

To turn off remote access, simply Enable or Disable the firewall.

 Remote Access

Remote Access can be enabled by the system without any interaction from any user if a VM is made publicly accessible and your firewall is turned off. Users with Admin rights can set the firewall back to off after the change has been made, if desired.