Public Cloud Pricing and Billing FAQs

PhoenixNAP Public Cloud is a highly flexible cloud solution where you are billed only for what you consume. There is no minimum term length or signing a contract, our Public cloud is completely commitment-free and consumption-based pricing model. You can deploy a virtual machine, delete it after an hour and you will be charged only for what you used.

PhoenixNAP Public Cloud is built as a pay-as-you-go model giving you the complete control over the amount of resources you will utilize and how much you will spend. Public Cloud services are billed per hour according to the usage of the configured devices, with the exception of load-balancing and bandwidth. Load-balanced and non-load-balanced bandwidth will be billed per one GB of transfer.

You can view price estimates for your desired configuration using our Price Calculator. You can select the operating system, the number of vCPUs, the amount of RAM and storage and the calculator will show you the approximate VM cost per hour and month. Note that additional services may incur charges.

Yes, phoenixNAP offers the possibility to test our Public Cloud and the functionalities of the Client Portal. Navigate to the account setup page and follow the three simple steps to create your account. You will get 48 hours to test all functionalities of the Client Portal and the performance of Public Cloud.

Standard free trial period for our Public Cloud offering is 48 hours. If you need more time to finish the testing, please contact us and we will discuss about arranging an extended free trial period.

PhoenixNAP only charges for outbound Public Cloud traffic while the inbound traffic is free. 1GB of outbound bandwidth traffic will cost you only $0.0035.

PhoenixNAP charges $0.12 per month for 1GB of cloud storage. You can increase the storage at any time though our Client Portal, but you cannot decrease it.

When a VM is turned off it is still occupying Public Cloud resources. You will be charged at a lower rate, only for the storage you are occupying and not vCPU and RAM. To stop being charged, you will need to delete the VM instead of powering off.
Note: you will not be able to recover your data after you delete your VM.

You can pay for Public Cloud services with Credit Card over CCBill Pay and with PayPal. After you fill in the fields on the sign up form, you can choose one of the stated billing methods:

  • If you choose to pay with Credit Card through CCBill, you will be taken to the CCBill Pay site after clicking the 'Complete this Purchase' button. If you do not have a CCBill Pay account open, you can do so quickly and for free, or continue as guest. If you create a free account for CCBill Pay, you will be able to store up to 25 payment methods and complete any subsequent purchase within a few moments with no additional fees.
  • If you choose to pay with PayPal you will be taken to the PayPal site after clicking the 'Complete this Purchase' button. You must have a PayPal account to complete the payment. You can either use an existing PayPal account or create a new account to complete your purchase.

If your Public Cloud configuration requires one of the Windows Server licenses, you will be billed additional $20 per month.

PhoenixNAP offer cPanel VPS licenses to clients to utilize with their VMs. In order to do this the client or Sales agent will need to start a ticket with the NOC team requesting it gets installed. Once it's been configured, the sales agent will need to create a service ID for that license for a monthly recurring charge of $10.

Yes, you can purchase additional IP addresses within the Client Portal. After you sign in to PNCP:

  1. Open the Manage mega menu.
  2. Click on IP Management.
  3. Click on Add/Reserve New IP.
  4. Select Cloud.
  5. Select a Node to get the pricing.
  6. Click on Add IP to complete the process.

Depending on the node you selected, the price for each additional public P will cost you either $0.250 or $0.350 per hour.