New in MySQL 2008

Here's a list of some new features or improvements to SQL 2008:

  • Data Compression: provides the ability to easily enable or disable data compression as an online command
  • Backup Stream Compression: The ability to configure compression with server level control or backup statement control of all backup types
  • Performance Data Collection: Similar to Failed Request Tracing feature in IIS7
  • Declarative Management Framework: Allows for added policy based controls, both for entire databases or for certain tables
  • Data Types: XML, email, audio and video formats can now be included in a database
  • FileStream: Allows access to any file on the server, with structured data about the file stored in the database
  • SQL Server 2008 Express: A lightweight version of SQL Server
  • Transparent Data Encryption: Encrypts the data while it is on disk and remains transparent to applications
  • Data Auditing
  • External Key Management