Network Settings

Network Setting options now included in the Client Portal give you new options for managing your VM networks. Networks are set up by node and are automatically assigned to the Standard method detailed below whenever a new node becomes accessible.

  1. Sign in to the Client Portal.
  2. From the Manage mega menu, click the Network Settings link under the Public Cloud section.
  3. Select a Node from the drop-down menu to indicate which node shall be changed.
    • Standard. DHCP is enabled and private IPs are automatically assigned. Mapping is automatic upon VM creation and when adding Public IPs.

     Standard Configuration

    The Standard configuration may not be edited and is provided for review of settings.
    • Advanced. DHCP is enabled but clients select their own Private IP range.
    • Custom. DHCP is disabled and clients must manually assign Private IPs to VMs and create Private/Public mappings.


    Some of the following options will change depending on which option you have selected above. If an option is mentioned here but does not display on the screen please move on to the next option. Additionally, the DHCP option will display Enabled or Disabled depending on your selection here.
  4. Enter your Network Storage Private IP.
  5. Enter your Gateway.
  6. Enter your Network Mask.
  7. Enter your DNS Servers, separated by commas with no spaces.
  8. Enter your Private IP Range.
  9. Enter your Lease Time - Default.
  10. Enter your Lease Time - Max Value.
  11. If you have made changes, select Update to save your changes. To discard changes select Cancel.


Switching from Advanced or Custom to Standard will require you to first delete all of the VMs. Please do not convert to Advanced or Custom Network Management unless you are certain this setting is needed in your organization.