Information and Communication

PhoenixNAP has implemented various methods of internal communication at a global level to help employees understand their individual roles and responsibilities and to communicate significant events in a timely manner. These methods include orientation and training programs for newly hired employees; regular management meetings for updates on business performance and other matters, and electronics means such as video conferencing, electronic mail messages, and the posting of information via the Intranet portal.

PhoenixNAP has also implemented various methods of external communication to support its customer base and the community. Mechanisms are in place to allow the customer support team to be notified of operational issues that impact the customer experience. A Service & Health Dashboard is available and maintained by phoenixNAP system administrators to alert customers of any issues that may be of broad impact. Our Security & Compliance Center is also available to provide customers with a single location to obtain security and compliance details about phoenixNAP.

Of course, if you ever need anything you may always contact our support group. Their current contact information is always included in the PNAP Cloud admin.