How to use FTP over the command line interface in Windows

  1. Launch the command line FTP utility:
  2. Start -> Run then type cmd (without quotes) and press ENTER
  3. To change to a local directory that contains your site files, type cd followed by the path to the desired directory after the prompt.

Example: If your site files are stored in c:\targetdirectory\target, enter:

> cd c:\targetdirectory\target

At the prompt, enter ftp along with the ftp server name and press ENTER:

> ftp ftp.targetsite.com

You will then be prompted to enter a username. Following the prompt, enter the username for the FTP account and press enter.

NOTE: For anonymous FTP, you won't need a valid account. However, you will need to use the pre-configured account called ftp (ftp is the same as anonymous) to access the server. Enter your password when the password prompt appears and press enter.

You will see a successful login message if you accessed the FTP server correctly. Now you can run ftp commands. If you're unsure about the commands you can enter, at the ftp prompt, run this command:

ftp> ?

NOTE: You will still see a list of FTP commands even if you are not successfully connected to the FTP server. Keep in mind that all ftp command are case sensitive and that all commands should be lower case.