How to create an FTP account in Linux

  1. Creating a FTP user group:

    groupadd ftpusers (or a group name that you'll be able to identify as the FTP group)

  2. To add a user to this group, and set the default path of that user to /home/user/:

    adduser -g ftpusers -d /home/user/ftpuser1

  3. Now you'll want to set a password for the created user. Run this command:

    passwd ftpuser1

  4. Now that you have a user name and password set up for your user, you'll want to set ownership of directory /home/user to ftpuser1 and ftpusers:

    chown ftpuser1:ftpusers /home/user

  5. Next, you'll give Read/Write access to ftpuser1 and all future members in ftpusers:

    chmod 775 /home/user

  6. After permissions have been set, you'll then need to edit the vsftpd.conf file and make sure local_enable=YES is commented out.

  7. Restart the ftpd service:

    service vsftpd restart

You now have FTP users and a FTP group.