How to change DNS settings through Plesk

Please have a solid understanding of DNS before attempting to change any settings as any changes can affect numerous services.

At the Domain Administration page you can select the DNS icon to access the DNS Settings page. The first thing you should see is DNS Zone Status which indicates whether DNS is turned on or off. This option is applicable for the domain selected. From there you will find numerous options for enabling/disabling DNS, switching DNS zones and creating DNS entries. Below are types of entries that can be created:

  • A = Address - This record is used to translate host names to IP addresses.

  • CNAME = Canonical Name - Used to create aliases for hosts in a domain.

  • NS = Name Server - Defines an association between a given domain name and the name servers that store information for that domain. One domain can be associated with any number of name servers.

  • MX = Mail Exchange - Defines the location of where mail should be delivered for the domain.

  • PTR = Pointer - Defines the IP address and host name of individual hosts in the domain. Translates IP addresses into host names.