Export VM to Image Library

You have the option of making images of VMs. An image is a copy of a VM that includes all of the customized software you have installed. Images are useful if you want to be able to quickly deploy several identical VMs that are already pre-installed with all of your customized settings.

To export a VM as an image:
Export VM

  1. Open the Device Listing screen from the Manage mega menu.
  2. Power Off the VM you want to make an image of.
  3. Right click the VM and select Export VM to Image Library from the menu.
  4. Click to select the Power VM back on when export completes checkbox if you want the VM to turn back on when you're done imaging the VM.
  5. Enter a name for the image in the New Image Name field.
  6. Click Create VM Template.
  7. Click OK.

You can view the progress of the export on the Provisioning Tasks screen or in the Image Library itself.