Environmental Safeguards

The phoenixNAP datacenter is state of the art, utilizing innovative architectural and engineering approaches.


Automatic fire detection and suppression equipment has been installed to reduce fire risk. The fire detection system utilizes smoke detection sensors in all datacenter environments, mechanical and electrical infrastructure spaces, chiller rooms and generator equipment rooms. These areas are protected by either wet-pipe, double-interlocked pre-action or gaseous sprinkler systems.


The PNAP Cloud datacenter electrical power systems are designed to be fully redundant and maintainable without impact to operations, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units provide back-up power in the event of an electrical failure for critical and essential loads in the facility. The datacenter uses generators to provide back-up power for the entire facility.


Climate control is required to maintain a constant operating temperature for servers and other hardware, which prevents overheating and reduces the possibility of service outages. Datacenters are conditioned to maintain atmospheric conditions at optimal levels. Personnel and systems monitor and control temperature and humidity at appropriate levels.


phoenixNAP monitors electrical, mechanical and life support systems and equipment so that any issues are immediately identified. Preventative maintenance is performed to maintain the continued operability of equipment.