The Dashboard is the landing page that gives you a quick overview of what is going on with your account. It gives you a quick visual summary of your account, showing your devices, their status, where they're located, and how much bandwidth they have used since your last invoice.

  No Devices

If you don't have any devices yet, you will receive the "You Have No Devices Yet" notice with an option to Create a Virtual Machine or Create a Bare Metal Server. Click on one of these two icons to create the desired device.

The Dashboard screen displays summary data divided into categories for your convenience. Each category is displayed within a box on the screen with labels and contents as described in the following sections.

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My Devices

Lists your devices, their name and type (Bare Metal Servers, VMs, and Firewalls). By clicking on a device name, you can open a new page where you can manage and modify that device.
Every device is represented by a unique label as shown on the image.

PNCP Devices

 1. Bare Metal Server
 2. Dedicated Firewall
 3. VPDC Virtual Machine
 4. Public Cloud Virtual Machine


States the current status of your devices (Online or Offline).


Names the node to which a specific device is assigned to. This shows you the location of the device.

Bandwidth Since Last Invoice Date

The Bandwidth section contains data on bandwidth used, expressed in Kilobytes (kB), Megabytes (MB), and Gigabytes (GB), since last invoice date.