Cloud Backup for Veeam FAQ

No, but you may request that it is turned on. Wan Acceleration is only recommended when customers are on very low bandwidth (1-20mbps).

No. While the default configuration has clients sharing a WAN Accelerator, each customer has their own separate global cache. Customers who are concerned about security may request a dedicated WAN Accelerator instead.

  • Permanent storage is what you contractually request (10 TB/month minimum). It is always at your disposal and it cannot be modified as swiftly as Burst storage. (Permanent storage is associated to a contractual obligation.)
  • Burst storage can be added swiftly and removed on demand. It is more expensive, however it can be acquired on a monthly basis, making it the best solution when you need more backup storage as quickly as possible.

Yes. You would need to ship a drive containing the appropriate Veeam Backup files (.VBK .VRB. VBM) for us to copy to their cloud repository. If the backup files are encrypted, you will also need to provide the password.

We do not have a specific SLA yet, however the target is 99.95% availability on the service itself.

Data is stored on a highly redundant mirrored Nexenta storage system. However, we still recommend that this should not be their only copy of their data.

Yes, a user simply needs to enable Encryption for the backups and all the data backed up will be encrypted.