Account Profile

The Account Profile displays the account details for your organization and provides access to editing functionality for some of the information.

To access the Account Profile:

  1. Sign in to the Client Portal.
  2. Open the My Account mega menu .
  3. Click Account Profile.

Included Information

Most of the following information can be modified by clicking the Edit icon.

  • Current Status. Click on the Explain Status link for a more in-depth explanation.
  • Network Connectivity.
  • Account ID. The ID assigned to your organization by the system. This cannot be edited.
  • Client Assigned ID. If a Client Assigned ID exists, it will display here.
  • Name (Account). The name of the organization as it appears in the system's official records.
  • Account Email.
  • Permission Levels. (Is it a reseller account? Does it use Virtual Products?)
  • Type. The type of account.
  • Primary Contact Name.
  • Primary Email. Usually the same as Account Email.
  • Primary Phone.
  • Admin URL.
  • API URL. This is your host URL when using the API.
  • Technical Contact Name. The name of the person in charge of, and allowed to make changes to the technical details of the account.
  • Technical Contact Phone. The contact phone of the person in charge of the technical details of the account.
  • Technical Contact Email.
  • Client Of. The name of your provider. By default your provider will be phoenixNAP.
  • Sign Up Date. The date your service was first activated.
  • Password Phrase or Ubersmith Password Phrase. The password phrase that has been set up for the account. This is used for support purposes and should be given to your vendor whenever you contact the vendor by phone, email, or chat.
  • External API security.
  • Application Key.
  • Shared Secret.
  • 'Create VM' Email. If you choose Yes, when a new VM is created a notification email will be sent. Click No if you wish to disable this function.

Click Update when you are done making the changes or Reset to revert the changes.