Updating VMWare Tools

It is necessary to keep VMWare Tools updated, but we are not able to automatically apply these updates for you. When an update is required the VMWare Tools status on the VM Details screen (access Device Listing, then click on a VM to view its status) will display as Outdated.

WMWare Tools
Updating VMWare Tools is simple:

  1. On the Device Listing screen, right click on a VM.
  2. From the drop-down menu choose Manage VM.
  3. Locate the VMWare Tools Missing or Outdated warning.

    VMWare Tools Missing Or Outdated
  4. Click the Missing or Outdated link.
  5. On the VMWare Tools screen, click Update.

You can monitor the progress of the update on the Provisioning Tasks screen.

Once the update is completed the VMWare Tools status will display the following status:

VMWare Tools Status Updated