MPC General FAQs

PhoenixNAP Managed Private Cloud (MPC) is the most customizable product in our Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering. The MPCs are dedicated, single-tenant, virtualized environments built from the ground up. Dedicated infrastructure engineers are working with you to design the solution that will meet your computing demands and business needs. Each MPC is built utilizing cutting edge technology with dedicated SAN and next gen Brocade routers and switches. Managed Private Clouds are performance oriented and do not require up-front capital. In a nutshell, our MPC is:

  • Customizable
  • Completely private
  • Scalable
  • Affordable

We do all the heavy lifting from the hypervisor down, so you will never have to worry about managing your virtualization infrastructure again.

The actual deployment time depends on the complexity of your infrastructure. Since every phoenixNAP Managed Private Cloud is customized and built from the ground up, it usually takes less than a month to provision a fully configured, ready to use MPC.

Managed Private Cloud is a fully private cloud solution, with all physical resources (compute, networking, storage) dedicated to you, while VPDC is hosted on a multi-tenant environment with shared resources. You can grow and size the MPC environment based on the actual workload and resource utilization instead of simply the basic number of resources allocated.

Since there are no other customers on your environment, there is no chance of resource contention or potential performance issues from other customers. While VPDC is customizable, there are certain limitations with network and storage infrastructure, whereas MPC can be built to accommodate nearly any specific client’s request.

You can use your MPC for anything your business requires as long as it is within the law and our Acceptable Use Policy. We give you unrestricted Administrator level access and you can run practically any application or service that you can run from a traditional, physical machine. Managed Private Cloud is perfect for:

  • Application Development and Testing Environments
  • Burst Computing
  • Critical virtual workloads
  • Disaster recovery sites
  • Hosting Virtual Desktops
  • Multiple Website Hosting
  • and more.

You can leverage phoenixNAP’s global data center footprint and choose the data center location you prefer. You can deploy hardware in the following locations:

  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Ashburn, VA
  • Amsterdam, Europe

Yes. It does not matter if your server is located in Phoenix, Atlanta, Ashburn or Amsterdam, this will not impact the functionality and control of your MPC in any way.

PhoenixNAP offers migration based around standing up DRaaS with Zerto and Veeam with a failover into a cloud environment. In order to be able to perform the migration service, phoenixNAP needs to have administrative access to VMware vCenter. If you are coming from an environment where phoenixNAP does not have direct administrative access to vCenter, migration will not be possible.

Our Managed Private Cloud offers you a complete, dedicated and private single-tenant environment in one of our three global locations in your own cabinet. Absolutely every part of your MPC is isolated from other clients:

  • All private hardware - servers, storage, network.
  • Hosted in a private colocation cabinet in high security data center locations.
  • High availability storage dedicated for each client.

Yes. We designed MPC to accommodate small to medium size enterprises on a completely dedicated environment with the infinite deployment flexibility. We offer VMware® vSphere™ Enterprise Plus and next generation hardware to meet your demands. Managed Private Cloud is suitable for ERP and CRM systems together with enterprise Microsoft Software at your disposal.

PhoenixNAP offers Veeam based backup solutions, you can decide which options are the most suitable for your business. With our backup solutions you will get:

  • full OS restoration of virtual servers with Windows and Linux support
  • MySQL , MSSQL and MS Exchange support
  • Extremely fast backups with customized recovery points and restoration periods.
  • In-place or out-of-place restorations
  • Software license included
  • and more.

You can discuss with a sales representative about including full replication, DRaaS, and remote backup options with your MPC.

Yes, phoenixNAP Managed Private Cloud is an ideal solution for a disaster recovery site, even for large companies. In combination with our DRaaS and Cloud Backup and Recovery products, MPC is cost effective DR site which even allows you to maximize your investment in the infrastructure you have already purchased on premises. We have integrated Zerto into our VMware based solutions for an enterprise-class DRaaS offering.

For more information download our DRaaS overview here.

Yes, with MPC we offer multi-location, offsite backup and replication disaster recovery services. Essentially, you can choose between Cloud Backup Standard and Cloud Backup Advanced for your MPC.

With the Advanced package you will get fully managed on or off-premise backups and restorations to any location with quick restorations. Additionally, backup encryption and priority support is included with this option.

To learn more about Standard and Advanced Cloud Backup options click here.

The provision of this service happens quickly after we determine the specific configuration you want. You can also choose if your internal IT staff will perform the installation and configuration, or if it will be done by phoenixNAP engineers and support team.

Once the deployment is completed, the time to complete full backup depends on the data size, but your critical data can be backed up in 4 hours or less.

PhoneixNAP utilizes software that has technical capability of providing the Recovery Point Objective measured in seconds with just a fraction of the cost of implementing a physical data recovery site. In realistic conditions, the RPO may come closer to a couple of minutes and should not exceed 1 (one) hour as defined in our SLA.
You can even integrate your own hardware and software to meet the specific RPO and RTO requirements.

We partnered with Veeam which supports data compression and data deduplication when performing backups to save space. By using data deduplication, more data is stored using less space by segmenting files into small variable-sized chunks. Duplicated chunks are eliminated and only one copy of each chunk is saved. Instead of keeping the redundant copies of the chunk, they are replaced by the reference to the single copy. The end result is more storage space without compromising the data.

PhoenixNAP leverages the power of vCenter by VMware which provides a single pane of glass for all of your private cloud resources. It features point and click access to provision any type of resource and granular role based access control to keep IT resources managed. Optionally, you can go for vCloud Director software. Please refer to the VMware website for more information on their products.

Our Managed Private Cloud is based on VMware's vCenter which provides self service capabilities and operations management software necessary to effectively operate your IT virtualized environment. Some of the features are:

  • Self Service provisioning of compute, storage, and network
  • Single sign-on and Active Directory
  • Robust VPN and firewall technology
  • Role Based Access Control
  • and more.

VMware’s vCenter Operations Manager lets you monitor and manage the performance of your virtual environment. It collects and analyzes data from each object at every level providing real-time information about your Managed Private Cloud. You can view any changes made to the hierarchy of your environment, or the information about current and potential problems, configure the alarms and much more.

Please refer to the VMware’s documentation for additional information.

You can deploy any operating system which is supported by VMware. Please refer to the VMware’s support page for up-to-date information.

Absolutely. Our Managed Private Cloud offers necessary computing power together with SSD Hybrid storage by Nimble able to handle extreme IOP demands. Additionally, MPC is compatible with Citrix® XenDesktop™ and Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH).

Managed Private Cloud is a completely individualized solution made to meet your every demand. We can provide as much storage as your business needs. Please contact our Sales Team to consult on what amount of storage would be sufficient to support your business.

Yes, you can increase the storage of a VM via VMware software package you are using. Note that it is highly advisable to make sure you have a backup of your virtual machine before performing this action.