How to modify NIC port speed in Windows?

To modify the port speed on a Windows server, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Select Start.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Select Network Connections.
  4. Select the network connection you're looking to modify.

    • If you're attempting to modify a Public Port, select Local Area Connection 2.
    • For Private Port modification please select Local Area Connection.
  5. Verify the NIC in the Connection Status window of the port you want to modify:
  6. Select the Support tab.

NOTE: Whether public or private, the corresponding IP addresses should follow its respective format. Public IP -> Public IP address/Private IP -> Private IP address

If they don't match you may want to check the other Network Connection.

  1. Return to the General Tab and select Properties.
  2. Stay on the General tab of Connection Properties and select the 'configure' button. Once selected another window will come up. From there follow these steps:
    1. Select Advanced tab
    2. Select Link Speed & Duplex
    3. Select Value
    4. Set port speed to either of 3 speeds:
      • 10 Mbps: 10Mbps/Full
      • 100 Mbps: 100Mpbs/Full
      • 1000 Mbps: Auto
    5. Once done select OK. This will make the server use the speed you've just selected therefore causing a slight blip as the link renegotiates.