DSC General FAQs

Data Security Cloud (DSC) is phoenixNAP’s multi-tenant cloud infrastructure platform, built on the industry-leading VMWare technologies, utilizing the power of Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. DSC was designed from the ground up, to ensure fast and reliable protection of highly sensitive data for any type of business that requires strict security controls. Through industry certifications such as PCI (and soon HIPAA), we create confidence in our efforts, to give you a multi-tenant cloud based infrastructure solution that can exceed the abilities of your on-prem, self-managed computing platforms.

Through a Secure-by-Design approach, we have integrated virtual machine and data protection, at both the hardware and software level. Through the use of a hardened OS, deep packet inspection and sandboxing, we protect you against Advanced Persistent Threats and Zero-Day attacks. We leverage VMWare’s NSX Network Virtualization and Security Platform to allow micro-segmentation and advanced network configuration to increase the internal security of your computing platform, limiting the impact of a single server breach, from spreading laterally.

With Data Security Cloud:

  • Your data is protected at rest, and strictly controlled, in-transit via properly configured micro-segmentation rules.
  • Reduce operational costs by taking advantage of the efficiencies of scale, on both the computing platform and support resources.
  • Enhance security posture due to advanced security monitoring and reporting, native to the service offering.
  • Improve network flexibility and security by use of VMWare’s NSX platform.

Data Security Cloud is a fit for any business model, whether it’s Healthcare, Ecommerce, Retail or others. The DSC environment can secure and process large amounts of sensitive data, and through advanced logging and monitoring technology, can give monitoring compliance visibility to the organization’s data protection standards. Additional services such as our Advanced Persistent Threat and File Integrity Monitoring tools can provide granular access controls and reporting to the individual file level.

Data Security Cloud is our secure cloud offering. The infrastructure benefits from some significant differences in newer hardware and processor technology, the latest in networking technologies, security conscious architecture, and the latest features of VMWare and vCloud Director. DSC allows businesses to use cloud environments in a much more secure way than was ever possible. At a minimum, you will notice measurable performance differences between the two environments

With Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors you will have the best possible performance and encryption capabilities while VMware NSX® platform will enable:

  • Micro-segmentation
  • Granular control of your security policies delivered to the individual workloads
  • Advanced monitoring of your system with real-time threat detection

Yes, we strive to provide architecture transparency to our clients and for that reason, you will have tenant access to the VMware vRealize Operations Portal (vROP).

If you are connected to the Internet in any way, you are a target for a cyber-attack. What one may not take into account is that cyber-attacks are not limited to taking advantage of Internet-facing servers. cyber-attacks include such techniques as social engineering and even ‘drive-by’ activity such as getting users to click on a malicious link or insert an infected USB drive. Every organization has some type of valuable intellectual property, or at a minimum, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on its employees or clients. Information, if lost, could be detrimental to the business. It is therefore prudent to assume that no organization is immune to cyber-attacks.

The fact that there was a 164% increase in cyber-attacks in the first half of 2017 testifies it is not the question if you will encounter an attack, but when. DSC allows you to minimize the attack vector, and in the unfortunate event of a successful attack such as Cryptoware, our additional cloud backup services enable quick recovery, without the need to deal with the uncertainty of paying a ransom in the hopes of recovery.

On-premise infrastructure requires space, power, environmental controls, security controls, and appropriate resources. Heavy in CapEx costs, and faced with a huge resource shortage, the feasibility of continuing this practice is becoming obsolete. PhoenixNAP’s Data Security Cloud gives you an opportunity to move your sensitive workloads from an on-premise, or colocation-based model, to a secure cloud-based infrastructure with minimum upfront costs. This model lets you eliminate your CapEx while optimizing your OpEx costs: no need to buy hardware, software licenses, or hire IT professionals to manage and monitor your infrastructure.

As DSC supports a hybrid model, you can continue to maintain both your on-premise infrastructure for selected workloads, while using the DSC infrastructure for other workloads, perhaps extending the value of the original CapEx investment, and ROI. This is a valuable tool as you transition, however, it can also be a continual long-term strategy of platform optimization. We anticipate scenarios where development workloads exist on the on-premise infrastructure, and production workloads reside in DSC. By using the aging infrastructure for non-critical workloads, you can still get value out of that equipment, while being assured that your production workloads are utilizing the latest in hardware, software, and security techniques.

No, you will not. PhoenixNAP technical resources will do the heavy-lifting to provision your environment for you. We will work with you to create the appropriate security conscious design, and where appropriate, guide you in the configuration, as you deploy your services into the environment. Although the maintenance and operations of the virtual servers in the environment are your responsibility, we will keep a watchful eye on the security of that network, alerting you of any observations we see at the infrastructure level.

Additionally, through a Managed Service contract with our Network Operations Center (NOC) or a Managed Security Services (MSS) contract, with our Security Operations Center (SOC), we can take on the operational responsibility of your server platform, monitoring and responding to Incidents of Compromise (IoC).

PhoenixNAP guarantees 100 percent network uptime with your Data Security Cloud environment. We also guarantee 20-minute support ticket response. This guarantee is possible due to our enterprise quality network equipment, redundant design, mature security posture, 24x7 monitoring and proven expertise in this field. The uptime guarantee includes access to virtual machines, processes, and stored data, but not to management systems, portals, and reporting or billing services.